Need ideas on next video WCCC-TV

Last open house we hosted we filmed a how to video using the cars in attendance and it turned out to be our most popular ever. Any feedback on what we could do this year? Something not too involved that has a broad appeal. Here is a link to the suspension video that was such a hit.

Pre-Duraspark ignitions and how to either upgrade them or, of course, maintain them. The Lost art of Dwell…

I liked last years concept, maybe you can ask the rsvp cats whats on their to do list. Also ask some of the attending what was their latest project, some of the speed bumps lessons learned. Your videos are a great service to the community, but sometimes (i’ll use darryl’s 71-73 door panel vid as an example) things don’t always go easy peasy 1-2-3 done. And just saying, I wanted to reach thru the monitor and smack you upside the head for even mentioning screwing the door panels back on :poke: , yea thats a pet peeve of mine :angryfire: I know time is limited just my .02 :smoke:

Front and rear bumper alignment, rear spring replacement, rebuilding a power steering ram, proper carburetor adjustment, upgrading to a 3G alternator, restoring stainless/anodized aluminum trim, installing an AOD transmission, installing a hidden stereo, rebuilding/restoring an original 8 track, etc.

The door panels shown in 71-73 door panel installation video Door Panel Replacement - 1971-73 Mercury Cougar XR-7 - YouTube did not require screws at the bottom but often the vinyl has shrunk and the panel expanded enough that clips will never work, why not hold them on with screws if they are already ruined? Better than nothing I say. We actually watch our own videos from time to time when working on our cars. I just watched our headliner video and chickened out, the local guy here does a fantastic job for under $200 and will come to our shop.

Think along the lines of bring your cars in the shop one at a time and Don will show you something that you can do to your car in minutes. Trim installation and bumper adjustment might work. Many folks struggle with their drip rail removal and installation. Been trying for years to get Dr. Cougar to come promote his biz by showing us some of his magic on video. We just play Cougar fix it guys on TV, he is the real deal.

I would like to see how to properly freshen an engine compartment. What is acceptable to repaint vs. wipe down. Maybe go through correct paint for different parts such as air cleaners, power steering pumps, inner fender cleanup. Maybe even discuss correct stickers and placement…

I could bring my 69 convertible and all the mystery parts that I don’t know where they go! It’s lots of fun trying to figure out these things, especially when you have never taken one apart…

I think how to do a proper engine tune, including a proper carb tune and which components are adjusted in which order.

How about the correct procedure for door and glass adjustment/alignment?

Another pet peeve is getting weather stripping installation/adjustment right to achieve an airtight yet easy to close seal between door/glass and body…

I understand the concept Don, just one of my pet peeves. Thats why I mentioned possible attendee projects with speed bumps / lessons learned. When I removed my door panels ( i believe original) to replace the door speakers they wouldn’t clip back on even with new clips. So with me being irked with screws I went and got sticky back velcro strips. One side on the metal door and the other on the panel backing, wa la, problem solved. As the saying goes, theres more than one way to skin a cat :smoke:

Fixed it for you.

How about the sloppy shifter bushing change
or have a paintless dent repair do a before and after.
I like the idea of drip rail removal and installation also.

How to use the WCCC site to find what you are looking for?

I like that one Bill.

Pardon my partiality but how about an Electronic Low Fuel Indicator (ELFI) installation?

Oh ok, so that’s what ELFI stands for.

Very much needed but the live audience does not add much to it. Have you ever ordered from our site Bill?

Thanks for the correction, I like that one better :smoke:

Wow, so many people with the same thoughts (and problems?) as me!

Yep, that would be good to know. Mine works currently, but the motor and / or capstan starts to slow down or drag when it gets hot. Not sure if it is a belt issue or the motor / winding insulation.

That would be great. As a novice I struggle with this, going back and forth tweaking and fiddling until I shrug and think “I guess that’s how it is supposed to be.” Car still starts and runs, but would be nice to learn first-hand from people who know what they are doing!

This is on my To Do list.

Another To Do list item, as my passenger window has come loose and is sliding around a bit (hopefully the glue hasn’t let go!).

This is something that I’ve been considering as well. Just a little something to help improve appearances, and I figure those dings will have to be repaired eventually either way.