Need template for '68 rear quarter emblem and reflector location - prefer passenger side

Anyone know where to get a template? Previous owner has them in the wrong location and I prefer not to have to sand thru all the paint just to find the right location.


pin stripes Nov 22 2021 e
This may help.

It is helpful. If you ran a line horizontal with the top of the reflector, where would it intersect the end of the rear quarter. Would that line about hit the very bottom of the fender extension? What is the shortest distance from the edge of the quarter to the reflector? This help would be appreciated.

I took measurements for one of our local members. Here’s the PDF I created for them.
68 Rear script and reflector position.pdf (362.0 KB)

Perfect. Just what i was looking for. Thanks!

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WCCC has all the measurements on their site too.