Need to find matching upholstery for my Tall bucket seats

I have a 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7. Attached are the bucket seats it came with. I have an additional set of the same seats. I want to reupholster them but I can’t find the matching upholstery anywhere. Does anyone have any advice where I can find the upholstery kit for these seats?

West Coast Classic Cougar

And John’s Classic Cougar,

Hey badcat,

Thanks. I have looked on their sites and they are not the same. I keep thinking I will have to settle for something else that is available. Te center inserts aren’t on their seat upholstery kits. If you come across anything, please feel free to send a link.


All the options on both johns and wccc are what would have come factory on cougars. If yours does not match its quite possible they are from another vehicle like a mustang. You could try seeing what mustang offers for those years, if those dont match you may need to check with an upholstery shop to match them

Mustangs Unlimited use to be another source, especially for those of us on the East Coast, but they are no longer around. Never tried these guys, but MustangMarket out of VA looks to be correct for a 70 XR7, and they may even have a dark ivy green (I believe that is what your picture shows).

The XR7 version did have those pleats like you show in your picture & should be leather, but they were different for standard models

All John’s 1970 cougar xr-7 upholstery kits are made to order. They are correct with the leather inserts and vinyl trim. You’ve got to call to inquire.

I have a really nice pair from a low mile car. Since your foam probably needs replacing I could remove the covers and send them to you and sell my frames to another person. I am asking $700 for the pair but maybe you only need the lower portion?