Need to remove the seat riser

I have to remove the seat riser from the passenger side. Im becoming a master of spot weld remover but now I will need to separate some blob welds. I know grinding the welds will work but im curious to hear anyone’s preferred method of blob weld removal with minimum damage to the pieces. I will attach a picture of the welds im referring to.

When I did mine I ground them down some and then used my spot weld cutter.

I would think it depends if you are keeping the exist riser. When I did mine they were pretty rusted and were going to get replaced so I was not to worried about messing them up. I ground down the welds then used a small steel chisel and hammer to break and peal them away. Lots of tedious chisel work.

My risers are good, the metal underneath is the problem.

I would use a high speed motor with a cutoff wheel to cut away enough floor pan to release the risers. Then use a variety of things like a #40 Roloc disc in the high speed motor and a bench grinder with a stone to remove weld from the risers until you are satisfied with them.

+1 This will leave the riser is nice shape for reattaching it later.