Needed: pass floor patch

I’ve been looking for a floor pan patch for a 69 convertible Pass side. Body is blasted & on its way to metal shop.

Thanks in advance!

Mustang USA Floor Pans.

No pics there, nor a link to a site. Do they have 4 ribs & no drain hole?

This work?[ourBodyTypeName][]=Convertible

No link, you have to email them for info.

Nicks Towing <>
JT is the one who replied to me.

Pics are on the Boss Forum. Attached a set here…

West Coast Classic Cougar has that patch panel. I repaired the drivers floor in Ginger with one.

Edit; WCCC only had driver side convertible patch panels listed as in stock and does not have coupe patch panels listed at all. They did 6 or 7 years ago when I did my repair.

I believe these are a different panel than the one that Horse Heaven was producing a few years ago. This new pan has better defined ribs / channels, from what I’m told. Also, I believe Horse Heaven Mustang Restoration is no longer in business.