Needing advice on correct shifter for my 68 4 speed car

So, I’m working on a 68 cougar owned by my sister’s husband. It’s a 302/4 speed car.

The number stamped on the tail shaft housing is C4ZR-7A04-A. He has read that this is important to finding the right shifter.

So, he has had this car for a few decades. I do not know the backstory on why he is without the shifter. But he is certain that the shifter he needs has reverse at the forward left. Yet, the new hurst shifter he bought for it doesn’t work.

The only stock shifters that I have found have reverse in the rear left position. But the owner is looking for $800 for it. Too much to spend on a guess, but probably not too much if it is the right part.

Anyone have any guidance here?

It depends on the date the car was built. Ford changed 4 speed shifters about midway through the 1968 model year. Either shifter will work, but you want the right one correct? To tell you the correct one will mean you need to find the date on the driver side door tag or have a Marti Report.

Both of them will have reverse to the left and back