New '68 Cougar owner in PA

Hi all,

Just picked up my '68 last weekend. I went the opposite direction most people go and sold a newer car (2013 Mustang GT) to buy older. Always wanted a classic Cougar and when the opportunity to buy this one came up I had to jump on it. It’s a base 302-4V automatic w/factory air that’s been repainted to the original Dark Aqua color. Power steering, manual drums, fixed column, center console.

Looking forward to working on it, I already have a couple orders in with WCCC! I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions for you guys in the coming months as I get this thing into shape.

Nice Cougar. Welcome to the insanity.

Welcome to the forum! We are glad that you chose a cougar. I think that was a smart move to trade up to your cougar. The car looks really nice, it looks like it is a well preserved cat that has been well taken care of over the years. I know that you will enjoy it. Keep us posted on what you’re doing with it.

Thanks! Definitely have lots of plans, stay tuned for a thread in the project forum. After I go over the car I’m thinking power disc conversion, dash/interior work and eventually new wheels/tires. Some day I’d like to get the factory air working too.

Thats a clean car for sure. Wise investment is the cougar will climb in value over the 2013 mustang dropping in value

She doesnt appear to need much work!

Nice cougar neighbor!! Love that color!! Hit me up if you need some help! Probably at Bankers having a beer real soon!!:beers::beer: I have all the equipment for ac repair too! :snowflake::snowflake:

Welcome aboard.

That’s a really nice looking Cat.

Hey welcome aboard! I echo the others - nice looking kitty, great color! Have fun!!!

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. It’s always good to have another new member. Enjoy the ride!

Looks really clean and nice color combo.

Yup, it’s a beaut’ !

Good to know there’s a fellow cougar owner nearby! I appreciate the offer for help. If you hit any of the local shows I’ll probably see you around, I’ll definitely be at the Perkasie car show this year.

Belated welcome. Nice looking ride.