New 71 Cougar 429 CJ Owner

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum, but looking forward to communication on this site. Just wanted to let everybody know that I purchased Chris Long’s 1971 Cougar 429 CJ (Competitiion Yellow) from him this year. Chris is a great guy and the restoration he did on this Cougar is amazing. The car is in Houston now, along with my other 71 Cougar with a 351C.

Welcome. That is a fabulous car!

Congrats on purchasing Chris’ car and welcome to the list. Chris I a very close friend and I got to know his car quite well, even got to drive it a couple of times. He actually referred to my car as a “small block” 429CJ LOL.

If there is any way that I can be of assistance to you let me know.

Mitch Lewis
429CJ Registrar CCOA

71 XR7 HT J-Code/C6 Triple Black
71 XR7 HT J-Code/C6 White/Blue
73 XR7 Conv Q-Code/4spd Lt Pewter/Black

New to the forum also. Recently purchased a 71 429cj cougar xr7 ram air. Wondering rarety and such. It is a numbers matching car. Needs rear quarters and a body off overhaul. Have it running and going down the road fine. It is red with a black vynal top similar to the one you bought. Has 91000 original miles. Any info apprecuated. Thanks Doug

Doug, Welcome aboard. According to the book, Cougar, by the numbers by Kevin Marti there were 29 hard top XR-7s made with automatic transmissions and 14 with a 4 speed,You can get a detailed report on your car at I highly recommend the Deluxe report. The basic report will only tell you what your car was built with. The deluxe report will brake it down to how many were built like it. Being a 420 Ram air car it most likely is a 1 of 1 car.
I recently had info on a Competition Blue XR-7 429 Ram air car. But it needed every thing restored. Numbers matching but was missing the ram air unit.

I just saw this thread. Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community guys. When you have time post some pictures of your Cougars.