New brake lines don't fit

So i finally decided i would replace my old mild steel brake lines with new stainless steel ones and be done with it. Ordered the front kit from WCCC and just looking at them they are not the same shape as what is on the car currently, see photos below. Basically at the hose end of the front lines, mine come from the bottom up to the hose connector, with a clip that holds it against the bottom of the subframe rail. The ones i received (made by sstubes/finelines) come down from above the hose connector. I havent test fitted them yet but it also looks like they may not be long enough as well.

Interestingly, NPD sells lines from classictube and on their photos, the line seem to follow the correct shape (at least correct for me :laughing: ).

I contacted sstubes but they were extremely unhelpful telling me they sell tons of these and nobody ever complained.

Why is there such a major difference ? Were the cars produced with different routings ?

Car is early 67 base (september 66) equipped factory with standard drum - lines goes above the steering column at the firewall.

Ugh for some reason the photo of the existing line in the car is up side down … :wall:

The good news is that if a well informed guy like yourself, armed with clear photos calls Fine Lines and says “we have a problem here” they will usually get right on it as they HATE being upstaged by their competition. Same goes with Classic Tube, The owner Paul Fix bought his 1970 BOSS 302 Mustang from me and we do carry his products as well as Fine Lines, both are quality outfits. Let me know if I need to step in in any way.

For reference, both my old and new lines do come from the top down on my '68 (built December 67):

Thanks for the offer. I’ll try to fit the lines, maybe it will just work. I was just doing my usual quick unpacking parts verification. I have a minuscule garage so lifting the car requires a lot of effort shifting things around. If I do that and end up finding out the lines don’t work I will be even grumpier than my naturally grumpy self. The guy I spoke to at sstubes was very unhelpful and was trying to blame it on WCCC.

That helps - definitely looks like the new lines i got. The hose bracket looks roughly in the same place as mine so hopefully the line is long enough. I may have to fiddle with the clip that holds the line to the chassis as it is definitely in a different location.

The 67’s used 2 different “kits” as I recall. It mainly had to do with the line going over to the pass side. One line went under the steering column & the other went over the column. Not sure if there is any difference in the location/bracket for the front hoses. I do recall the hoses go thru the bracket a bit to thread into the line, & is held by a “U” clip like the rear hose to body bracket.

Hope this helps!

I walked the wrecking yard looking for an example like yours which goes down. Did not find any. I did observe that on the drivers side, the fuel line runs in that location where your brake line would be. Are yours touching? meaning the brake and fuel lines?

Thanks for checking ! Yes they do run together at the bottom

So I finally had time to install the brake lines. Whilst it has a different routing it ended up working fine even reusing the same clips.
I guess my car lost a bit of its originality in the process but safety first :joy: