New Cougar owner with several questions

Just snagged up my first cougar after wanting one since highschool (it’s a 1967 base) But a couple questions right off the bat. It’s a very clean car. But not fully original matching numbers etc. Plan is to make it a sweet driver with plenty of power but also keep it fairly original appearing. So questions are as followed.

Did 1967’s ever have seat belts and if so how were they mounted. Mine has none and seems to not have mount locations anywhere.

Do I do a vintage air AC or is there a factory kit available?

Is mustang pedal assembly same as the cougar? Would like to swap the C4 for a overdrive manual at some point. Or what’s best way to do that?

Cars already got wildwood front disks. But what about adding power and rear disks? Just swap a 9in and a disc brake kit in maybe?


Welcome. Looks like a nice car.

‘67 would have seat belts, just not a shoulder belt.

Factory A/C parts are available, but no one sells a kit.

A 9 inch rear and rear discs seems like overkill to me, but I guess it depends on what you’re planning on running.

Check with Classic Auto Air. They have refurbished factory a/c units and units of their own design available.

Okay so I should be able to pull carpet back and find some locations to mount a aftermarket lap belt. But probably no location up too for a 3 point? And I’ll check it classic auto air!

Cool Car. Looks nice from the picture. Be sure to familiarize yourself with WCCC Youtube channel. Videos nhave great insight into a variety of repairs and subtle upgrades. Have fun!!!

I will! I am trying to learn all the places in forums, FB youtube etc. I am a heavy diesel mechanic by trade so I’m learning a while new side of insight locations with this haha

I added ClassicAuto Air, and it works great. Also got these 3-pt belts, and I love ‘em. I used the the c-pillar bolt for the shoulder belt, but I’m not sure if 67s had shoulder straps. Scott Drake SB-3P-BK-PBSB Scott Drake Retractable Three Point Seat Belts | Summit Racing

Those look great!! When I get home I’ll make sure I have the spot for the shoulder strap. How well did the classic air kit fit? Everything like it should? Or was it like most “aftermarket” things that you end up having to modify half of it haha

Looks like a nice find! Post some more pictures, Im sure the guys here would like to see more of your car! Your plan is much like mine and is the perfect car to tweak to your style and enjoyment!

For AC check out vintage air, They offer a bolt in kit including the factory side vents. You would have to find the factory ac vent parts for the center vent if you so desired but I bet it would be fine with just the side vents.

Mustang and cougar pedals are the same but they differ from power to manual brakes so make sure you plan accordingly to what brakes you want.

For brakes adding power assist is ideal and would be pretty easy with what you have now. Simply add a booster and master cylinder. I would not worry about disc brakes in the rear. The drums will be more then sufficient for you and let you spend your cash elsewhere. Same with the 9" swap, unless your planning for some big power and drag strip runs the 8" should serve you quite well for a long time. However its worth keeping your eye open for a good deal on one.

You should have lap belts, previous owners may have omitted them year ago. There will be holes in the floor for the mounting. You could add a lap belt if desired and there are a couple ways to do that. I believe you will have a bung in the roofline that can be tapped.

Welcome! That is a head turner, when you get fuel budget extra time for chatting with everyone in the station! Looks like you are missing the front plate bracket. We have one here.

We have a kit and video that will make your grille line up perfectly, mention it on your next order with us and the kit is free! Here is a link.

Thanks!! I’m actually putting a order together now so I’ll make sure to mention it!! I am gathering all new steering components, the trunk badge ( need to find the rear quarter badges still) and tons of misc parts like the turn signal lever, the turn signal return cam fix etc. I live in bend oregon so not far away! Can’t wait to find all the misc dash pieces (you had the turn signal lenses in stock which is awesome) I’m missing some others but I’ll find em with time. Can’t wait till she’s all complete and ready for summer cruising!

Awesome information. Thank you!!

If you look at another 67 you should be able to locate where the seat belts mount. Use an awl to poke around the carpet in that area and it should be easy to find.