New gauge lenses for 69-70s (looking to build)

Hi everyone–
I’ve been frustrated with the fact that I can’t get new gauge lenses for my 1970. I hear from quite a few others with 69’s and 70’s that they feel similar.
So…I am thinking about manufacturing an initial bulk order but am here to get a headcount of who’s interested and how many (min buy 3 ea). Or even interested to the point of wanting to resell online (I don’t want to).

As you may know, there are quality XR7 clock lenses out there as well as perfectly done STD clock lens but that’s all I can find for 1969-70.

The lens I would be making would be an identical copy and carry all expected features including the slight dome of the lens and correct thickness and color.

Let me know your thoughts about this. And if someone else is already down this path and I missed it let me know about that.

Bill D

I bought two sets of them from West Coast Classic Cougars. So unless they are out there avaliable already. They cut out the center and replace with new lens.

Yeah, those are nothing similar to what I’m talking about. This is a brand new lens with the correct curvature on the lens. The ones that are “cut-outs” don’t look correct for Concours. These would be exact repros.

Yes would be interested in at least 3 sets possibly up to 6.


I’d be interested in a set, of course, depending on price.

Could definitely use one, maybe two sets.

This is a follow up. I have located a source for doing these lenses but with min qty requirements it brings the sales price up to $85.00 each for each lens. I need to get a min order of 100 pcs to get started. What is the general feeling about pricing? How about a show of hands again?


Too rich for me; I think I can live with my lenses for a while yet.

Daniel Carpenter is almost finished with spot on repros. He is the one who made the xr7 clock lens for us.

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That’s actually good news…I started down this path since it’s been a gap for so long but would rather just snag a few repros instead. It’s quite a feat to have correct lenses made I found out!

Hi Don…any idea when you will have the full 1970 XR7 Gauge Lens Set Item # 19452 back in stock?

Thank you!

Joe V.