New here: 67 is back home

I am a new member, Yesterday I brought home the 67 my Grandfather bought new at Newberg Ford in Oregon. Its a 4 barrel 289, power drum, pwr steering, maroon, black interior. It has factory cruise control, I heard thats rare. It also has Montgomery Wards AC!

it was a running driving car when it went in a pole building 10 years ago. So far the only mice evidence is around the air cleaner. My plan is to start with a complete fuel system install. Since WCCC is close by I hope they can be my go to for parts. Opinions?


Sounds like a great car. You are exactly on track with the fuel system. I rebuild fuel senders and also buy originals for rebuildable cores or even just for parts. Don’t throw that original away.

Of course you will also want to change the oil and the coolant. I think it is a good idea to prime the oiling system before trying to start the engine. I also like to put some Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder and letting it sit before turning the engine over. If the mice have been under the hood check the plug wires for nibbles. Really, check all the wires for mouse damage.

Sounds like a great car. How about a picture?

Welcome. Great story getting your Grandfather’s car back. Post some pictures - car seems nicely optioned. Have fun bringing it back to life!


Trying to put a pic up

Looks great!

Thanks, just got fuel pump to tank out. 12 Gallons of garbage

Nice looking car!. It will not take much to get it back on the road looking great once again! Awesome history as well

That’s a very nice looking cat, congratulations on getting your grandfathers car. In regards to the cruise control, there were only 246 standard Cougars equipped with it.

Thats interesting, I’m one of now. Thanks.

That little pull out knob at 10 oclock from the headlight switch must activate it.

I have owned the car since the 80’s, its been in storage since 2010 or so.

Looking for a battery tray its small, like group 35

Looks very nice. I recently painted my Fawn (beige) '67 a color similar to yours. I picked the 2010s color Ruby Red. How cool to have a family heirloom!

Being its a power drum car and I have spindles, rotors, calipers and pads from many years ago. I heard the spindles are the same? Could I put thos on and use the same brake lines, master and all?


As to the Master Cylinder, the power drum and the power disc were different : power drum MC = C7ZZ-2140-G ( repair kit was C7ZZ-2004-A ) and the power disc MC = C7ZZ-F ( repair kit C7ZZ-B ). From 02/06/67 the service replacement power disc MC became C8ZZ-A and the repair kit changed to D0AZ-B.
The Front disc brake pressure control valve for 1967 through 69 was C7OZ-2B091-B and the brake pressure differential valve was: Drum = C7ZZ-2B257-C and for Disc it was C7ZZ-2B257-D.
Good luck with the conversion.