New intake manifold? 2023

I have a ‘67 with the 390ci (original 4barrel) and have been restoring the tranny engine for over a year now in and out of shops. Wondering if keeping the original intake mani is worth it/better than throwing another $600+ for a new.

Be careful of hood to air cleaner clearance with aftermarket. Also smog equip hookup if req d in your state.

Yea lucky for me not in one of those states fortunately, not planning on any crazy tall over the top carb and have the standard cougar emblem air filter. Original set up seems to have plenty of room between engine and hood.

Probably will not see any increase in performance unless you replace the intake and the exhaust manifolds. If you have headers already the intake will be a big enhancement. The carburetor on a GT390 is pretty good.

Original head have been redone, all stock replacement except a larger cam just for sound. Going in with all new exhaust from the engine to muffler, sounds like I’ll keep the mani. Appreciate it

I always thought an aluminum intake was a good conversion on FE cars or 351 Cleveland cars, for ease of lifting it off if you needed to.

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