New member with soon to be acquired 67

Welcome aboard.
Nice looking Cougar.

Where bouts you located.

Very good place to start, nice car.

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. Enjoy the adventure. Is this your first Cougar?

Up in the Sierras.

Yes it’s my first one. I’ve always admired the look of them. Kid in high school had one and everyone loved it.


Might want to consider, once you get it, checking the cowl for pin needles and build up that will hold moisture in the cowl and cause a rust issue, Not a fun task but one that may save you pain in the long run

Good luck and have fun

Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and information here.
I think all of us have run across that old saying of “someone in high school had one.” My folks had a 67 XR7 when I was in high school and all of us kids learned to drive in it. I loved having my chance, or the Friday night out with it. They are great cars and I love our 69 XR7.
Keep us posted and up to date on what you do with your new Cougar.

I will be back up there in 2 weeks. Get the garage cleaned out and organized so I have a place to park it out of the weather.

First thing on the list is to get the engine bay cleaned up. Valve covers are leaking and it’s not pretty.

My 06 Subaru Impraza with 214,000 miles

Yes cleaning out cowel is on the list.