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Hi There

i have just joined this morning & from Down under in Australia , in the process of purchasing a 1969 XR7 Convertible that has been sitting for 17yrs
with the same owner , it requires a full restoration so there are loads of questions & hoping i will find some answers on this forum ,

the vin is 9F94H517167 , it’s not the original color i’ve worked that much out but has the original 351 Windsor 4V and running well ,
i’m having trouble with identifying the gear selector as it has a Hurst Dual Gate 2 fitted & i’m pretty sure this would not be original
i have various photos that i will post shortly for further comment ,
i’m not sure if it’s the original Gearbox but it needs work as there are leaks so i guess i will find out if its only the shifter that has been modified ,
currently red & original color was a sort of metallic pastel mid green & some decisions to be made there if to take it back to original ,
engine bay looks very original & pretty tidy , Air/conditioning compressor mounting brackets are there but no compressor ,

there are alot of interchangeable parts similar or identical with our fords delivered or manufactured in Australia as they where modeled off the Mustangs , cougars & galaxies to shouldn’t be an issue but there will be a lot of items i will need to import from the US ,

any help & advice will be gratefully received,



If the door tag is still intact, we can decode it for you or you can do it yourself at
There should also be a buck tag on the radiator support behind the grille in front of the battery. That will also have codes on it that will indicate how the vehicle left the factory.

The “H” in the vin indicates that it would have left the factory with a 351 W 2V not a 4V.
The 94 does indicate an XR7 convertible.