New to me 68 (Beast)

We’ll here are the pics. I bought it about a month ago as I was looking for a great driving project. The PO put in a crate 302 motor with aluminum heads, Doug’s ceramic headers, rebuiltnC4 with an 1800 stall converter, rebuilt 9" and front disc swap and new Magnaflow exhaust. I was shocked as there is absolutely no rust underneath or really anywhere for that matter except for some very minor surface rust at the edge of the vinyl top at the rear quarters. Car looks to have been restored at one time as I found a spot inside the drivers door where the original light green is under the white paint.

It is named “Beast” because that’s what my 2-1/2 year old overheard my wife and I calling it when I brought it home and it has stuck. He was so excited!

Took it out for the day today for a drive around town and definitly will need an alignment because after hitting a bump it have to correct the steering back. I think that it wasn’t done after the disc swap.

I’m sure you’re going to have fun with it. I’d love to see it sometime.

I am sure you will this spring/summer.

Hope so.

Congrats! She’s a beauty!

Very nice … and you’ve already got all the fun mods.

Thanks guys. Would love to convert from manual to power brakes though as you still have to push the pedal to the floor with decent force to stop quick. Currently working on a digital dash for something cool and new so we’ll see how that turns out.