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I am new to the Cougar forum, but not new to Cougars. I bought my first Cougar in 1975. A 1973 XR7 convertible, blue metallic with dark blue interior. I owned the car until 1990 when I sold it to a lady in Houston. I live in Smithville Texas about 140 files from Houston. I got a tip about a car stored in a tractor barn about 35 miles north of where I live. All I knew was it was a Ford or Mercury convertible. I drove up to take a look at the car it turned out to be my old Cougar that I had sold in 1990. Needless to say I bought it back. It needs a lot of work but eventually it will be looking as good as it did the day I sold it.

Very cool!
Congrats on finding her…it was obviously meant to be. :smiley:


Welcome to the forum.

Some things are just meant to be.


Your story would be a great one to share in ATSOTC magazine. Have you visited ?

What are your restoration plans? With the 50th Anniversary of your cars production run coming up, do you have goals of when to get back out on the road?

If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to email me via


What a great story. I’ve sometimes wondered if I’ll ever bump into a long ago owner of my car and what their reaction would be.

Enjoy yourself with your old/new Cougar.

Congratulations and Welcome

Cool story, welcome to the madness!

That sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing! I too recently bought back a topless 1972 Cougar I owned in 1995 but it started out as a hardtop and the top got cut off and then parked in a field so that car now resides in my wrecking yard. Still fun to come across a bundle of old memories.

Thank you Gavin, I once belonged to the Cougar Club of America. The white CCA decal is still there from when I had the car. I do plan on bringing the car back to life as close to the way it was when I had the car the first time. It want be concourse condition but it will be a nice car. I once put the car in the Houston Auto Rama car show. Its a large show and very competitive, the car took a second place in its class. Its not the only Cougar I have had, I had another 73 convertible that I bought because the guy was wanting to get rid of it fast. He was moving out of the country and could not take it with him. I didn’t need the car but i just couldn’t pass up the 1,000 price tag. It was a nice straight car that ran and drove great. It was a non XR-7 but never the less a nice clean car.

Here’s a picture of the CCA decal I had on my car in the 80’s. Its still on there.