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Hi Everyone,

New to the site. Thought I would introduce myself. Name is Jason and I live in the tiny town of Sequim, WA out on the Olympic Peninsula. Born and raised a fan of the cougars, and my dad and I restored my cougar from the time I was 8 years old to the time I turned 16. I am now 37 and still own the car and eventually plan on handing it down to my son one day (assuming gas cars are not banned by then haha) When I was a kid my dad had a true 1969 Cougar Eliminator that was metallic blue, with a 3spd, and god I loved that car! the motor was built and I remember some good stoplight street drags in the car when I was 5. I would do ANYTHING to buy that car back for him. so if anyone on here can help me locate it, that would be great! We sold the eliminator for my sisthers birth, and some guy bought it for his 16 year old kid in 1989 in edmonds wa. last i heard was that the kid went to the air force academy and kept the car. I saw it driving 1 time when I just turned 16 and never saw it again. I tried to turn around to track down the guy but he was gone. So if anyone can help, I have the cash on hand to buy it.

History on my car: we picked it up for $500 as we were going to use it for donor parts for the 1969 mustang fastback we were going to restore for me, but life took a turn and my dad at the time had some crazy medical expenses hit, so we never found time for the mustang, and just ended up restoring the cougar. I am glad we did the cougar as well because its unique and you dont see many of them. My first year showing the car back in 2003, the editor of Mustangs and Fords was at our clubs annual show and wanted to do a feature on me. Surprisingly, the link is still on the internet to the article after almost 20 year. 1969 Mercury Cougar - Northwest Pony Shop - Mustang & Fords Magazine

anyways, I just recently moved back to my home state after living in Alaska for the last 4 years and Kansas for the previous 4, and I took the cougar out of my dads garage and to my new house. It literally sat for 8 years with the occasional start up. So this year we changed out all the fuel, oil, spark plugs, new batter, new tires, and I just took the car to a local detail shop to have it ceramic coated. $2k for the coating but boy does it look amazing! I highly highly suggest it for anyone thinking about adding the coating to our cars. it made the paintjob look as good as it did when it came out of the paint booth 20 years ago. Plus the coating will last 15 years!

anyways, my plan is to ask some questions around here as its time to rebuild the ol tired engine. Ill post some ideas on another thread/topic, as I have a lot of questions in my head. I also have 2 spare 1997 SVT cobra motors that I am thinking about putting into the car. I know…I know…I know… everyone just swaps for the new coyote because of the insane amout of power it can make, but im not about power, to me, the sound of that modular 4.6 4v motor is perhaps one of the best sounding motors ever created in the history of v8’s. the new coyote just sounds weird to me…

But looking forward to meeting and talking to some people on here!


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Cool story and welcome to the site. Good luck tracking down that car!

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Contact the Eliminator registrar and see if he knows anything about your dad’s car.

Welcome to the forum! I’m 36, have a similar story restoring these with my dad.

Do you have any photos of your father’s Eliminator? Welcome to the forum!

Nice Cougar and welcome to the group

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From one ‘69 owner to another, welcome!

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thanks! Im going to do everything to find it!

I am glad that we have fathers that allowed us to restore these cars!

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I do have a photo, but its hanging in his garage. I am guessing it was kind of a unique eliminator. it was a 351w car with a heavy duty 3spd. I cant imagine they made too many 3spd eliminators. Ill grab a picture of the car a post it up next week here.

Jason, It’s nice to see you still have that Cougar. It is looking great. I remember that show and when that article was published. We, Cascade Cougar Club miss your dads company and hope he is doing well. We usually go out to Port Angeles in May(or is it June) for the Kitsap Peninsula Mustang show. Maybe you will be able to make it out as it is close by.
Oh, and welcome back to the great north wet.

hey!! yes, my dad and I are both living in Sequim now. I will make sure we show up to the show in PA, even if its a halibut fishing day haha. To be honest, we have really gotten into fishing over the last decade, and pretty much spend every day on the water. I haven’t been to the mustang roundup since 2011, but it would be nice to catch up with you all! Hell, even have everyone over after the show, for a crab feed at our beach place up here! lets try to make that happen!

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Back in 1974 I bought a 1970 Eliminator Boss 302 with a 4 speed. It was a local California car with less then 40K on the clock and in like new condition. I paid $3300.00 for it. The car was Orange with a Black interior. I sold it a year later $3400.00 I heard some years later that it was wrecked but I was never able to verify that.

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Hi Jason, if you or your Dad happen to still have the VIN number from you old Eliminator, we can check the Eliminator Registry and see if we know where it is today. Or we could try looking it up under your Dad’s name, if he ever recorded it with the CCOA or the Eliminator Registry.

Hope you are able to get your '70 out to some local shows this summer! The big Cougar show will be down in Tacoma at Griot’s Garage on July 9th this year. Always a good time!

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Not sure how I missed your Feb post…. I guess I have been a bit busy….

A belated welcome.

I look at your grille, and ,again, I am thinking I want to black mine out 69 Eliminator style…. I was thinking leaving the center bit chrome, but yours looks good black!

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Thanks! for years it was the all chrome grille. I just painted it last winter and love it. I think it is needed with the grabber blue color. The chrome is just too much in my opinion.

I doubt he still has the VIN number, all we have are some old pictures from 1989. I will try to make the Griots show! I used to live in gig harbor so that would have been close to me. Living in sequim is quite a drive haha, especially when I only trust the car to make it a few miles. But ill give it a shot. why not!

I’ll be driving mine up from Portland.

If you don’t trust it, I recommend driving it more often so you can find and resolve the issues that are making you distrust driving it further :slight_smile: