New! Version 1.2 Electronic Low Fuel Indicator Kits

New! Version 1.2 Electronic Low Fuel Indicator (ELFI) Kits. Version 1.2 brings you an even greater improvement over the previous versions of the ELFI as compared to the original thermistor sender based system. Flashing at threshold has now been completely eliminated! A time delay has been incorporated into the circuitry (in addition to the hysteresis that improved the flashing at threshold originally). This delay requires the low fuel level from the sender to be present for approximately ten seconds before the Low Fuel lamp will be illuminated. The same is true of the Low Fuel lamp extinguishing once it has been triggered. The signal from the sender must be above the low fuel level for approximately 10 seconds before the Low Fuel lamp will be extinguished.

As always, a Low Fuel sending unit is not required to work with the ELFI! Any working sender (low fuel or standard) will work, the ELFI develops the low fuel indication using the fuel level voltage level created by the sender rheostat and gauge.

With the V1.2 ELFI Kits, you can have a Low Fuel indicator on your Classic Cougar which works as well as those found on modern vehicles.

Kits are $120 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal accepted.

Also available, Solid State Instrument Voltage Regulators (SSIVR’s) which are part of the ELFI kit (but available separately). They are solid state Instrument Voltage Regulator (IVR) direct replacements for the OEM Bimetallic regulators.

SSIVR’s are $38 shipped to the lower 48.

ELFI’s on the left, SSIVR’s on the right.



Bob is this a kit that you developed? If so, very cool. Actually the kit is pretty neat by itself. If you brought this to market that raises it from neat to cool.

Why yes, Steven, it is! I thought of it, developed the idea, designed the circuitry and manufactured it. Originally brought these to market in 2005, so coming up on ten years! Small market but I was happy I could fill the need regardless (not to mention the LF lamp HAD to work on Isabel!). This run was a great project for me since I have been stuck at home for the past five weeks recovering from femur correction surgery. It was dicey at first whether or not I could get into the basement, sit on a stool at my electronics workbench and build the boards, but in the end it worked out pretty well. A few moans and groans from the pain now and again but I got through it and built 15 of the 20 kits in the run.



Even got some fancy anti-static bags for this build (and going forward). Going for a fairly professional kit.

So when are you going to send me one?

Well first I’d have to believe that you will actually have a use for one! Unless of course it is for ECCC stock (in which case, how many do you want?)


P.S. Keep an eye out for the windshield deals I posted on MCnet, I will post them here in a minute.

do you still sell these?

I do indeed! They in stock and ready to ship. $125 shipped (to lower 48). If you would like one, PM me with the year of your Cougar and I will reply with my Paypal info. Postal money order or check (with wait to clear) is okay also.



Do you happen to have a picture of the light on the dash? Where does this light go?

I am not sure (on a 68) where the LF lamp is (in the overhead console?). Someone else familiar should be able to tell us.

“Body is too similar to what you recently posted” (LOL)

Hi Group,

I have 6) Electronic Low Fuel Indicator kits in both 67-68 and 69-70 versions available for immediate shipping. $135 shipped. Contact me off forum with interest, rentwist () comcast . net