New! Version 1.2 Electronic Low Fuel Indicator Kits

New! Version 1.2 Electronic Low Fuel Indicator (ELFI) Kits. Version 1.2 brings you an even greater improvement over the previous versions of the ELFI as compared to the original thermistor sender based system. Flashing at threshold has now been completely eliminated! A time delay has been incorporated into the circuitry (in addition to the hysteresis that improved the flashing at threshold originally). This delay requires the low fuel level from the sender to be present for approximately ten seconds before the Low Fuel lamp will be illuminated. The same is true of the Low Fuel lamp extinguishing once it has been triggered. The signal from the sender must be above the low fuel level for approximately 10 seconds before the Low Fuel lamp will be extinguished.

As always, a Low Fuel sending unit is not required to work with the ELFI! Any working sender (low fuel or standard) will work, the ELFI develops the low fuel indication using the fuel level voltage level created by the sender rheostat and gauge.

With the V1.2 ELFI Kits, you can have a Low Fuel indicator on your Classic Cougar which works as well as those found on modern vehicles.

Kits are $120 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal accepted.

Also available, Solid State Instrument Voltage Regulators (SSIVR’s) which are part of the ELFI kit (but available separately). They are solid state Instrument Voltage Regulator (IVR) direct replacements for the OEM Bimetallic regulators.

SSIVR’s are $38 shipped to the lower 48.

ELFI’s on the left, SSIVR’s on the right.



Even got some fancy anti-static bags for this build (and going forward). Going for a fairly professional kit.

Does the SSIVR output a steady 5VDC or is it pulsed like the OEM unit?

Great News!!

Am I correct that you add this on a standard Cougar?

Hi Jay,

The SSIVR puts out a constant voltage, no pulsing. This is required in order for the ELFI to do what it does.

Cougars_R, yes, you could install one of these on a standard but it would require wiring to get the needed signals for the ELFI since a standard has no LF relay or LF relay connector (what the ELFI plugs into).

I had bought a Repo “Solid State” version of the instrument cluster regulator several months ago (I believe it was from WCCC) when I was actively trying to improve my gas gauge accuracy. It looks and fits like the OEM part.
I assumed “Solid State” meant 5VDC, and not pulsing, but reviewing the write up it specifically claims it is the pulse design. This didn’t make a lot of sense to me as making a 5VDC regulated output with modern electronic devices is quite easy, while making it pulse would be more of an effort and not desirable or necessary. Well I just put my oscilloscope on the output and low and behold it’s a solid non-pulsing voltage. This is good for the after market circuits like this one here and others that require a nice steady DC voltage to work with.

Hi Group,

I have 6) Electronic Low Fuel Indicator kits in both 67-68 and 69-70 versions available for immediate shipping. $135 shipped. Contact me off forum with interest, rentwist () comcast . net