New Wheel Install for

I purchased the Legendary Wheels for West Coast. My shop is having a hard time on install. They can not get the new center caps on. Is there a video or instructions somewhere for that? I could not find it on YouTube channel for West Coast. Thanks

Which wheels did you purchase? Which center caps?

so the wheels 5 star mag wheels Legendary from Scott Drake. The center caps are the Cougar caps from Legendary as well. I got them back and the issue is the screw diameter on the caps are different than the screws sent with caps and the back plates. I called Drake but they were of little help and West Coast was closed for season. No worries, I’ll give them a shout after holidays and get it figured out.

Jeez, not sure if pics loaded or not. Still coming through as just text when I open forum. :frowning:

The pictures are up.

There is another issue to be aware of. The screws can in some cases go in too far and cause the center cap outer section to pop off.

Yup that happened as well. I bought shorter screws that were the smallest I could find and still could not get it to work. Does anyone know if the black plastic plate on the back comes off center caps for the correct screw holes underneath? I am worried about taking those off until I know for sure. It looks like there are tabs that allow that but not sure.

I had the same problem and I ended up buying the WCCC #30956 adaptor plates. They are deeper and actually are too deep so that the center cap wouldn’t tighten to the wheel hub. It was loose by about an 1/16"-1/8". I ended up shimming the plate away from the wheel hub so that the cap could be tighten securely. It seems strange that the Scott Drake aluminum Legendary Wheels have this problem with the Scott Drake center caps. The lack of foresight to engineer the wheels to work with their center caps is BS. Not impressed!