Newbie need help with 68 Cougar Purchase

Hi guys. I’m new to the forum but not new to fords. I’m a mustang guy but I’m about to buy my first cougar.

It’s a 68 Black on Black X code C6 auto car with AC. Console. It’s had one repaint and has 77000 original miles. Power steering and power brakes.

Standard not an XR-7.

The car has no rust anywhere. San Jose built car.

It’s a real nice car. No sheet metal work has ever been done.

Guy is asking 27k. Is this price in or out of line?

Car runs and drives great.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mtdubvee, I’m not home with my numbers book but I think that’s a 390 2V? I know a lot more about 69s and 70s than I do about 67s and 68s, but that seems a little high to me but it’s worth what you are willing to pay for it. It does sound very nice. Do you have photos to post, so we can look at it?

If the car is exactly as described, the price sounds very fair to me. X is pretty rare. I believe only 1200 or so were built in standard form.

It’s not a concourse car obviously by the price. I’ll try to attach a few pics. Maybe these will help.

X codes are the red headed step child of Cougars. I’m going to call that overpriced unless it’s really cherry which it doesn’t appear to be.

Thanks for your opinion. Further, what would you possibly recommend a fair offer would be for me to send to him?


Too many questions for me to throw a number on it and different things that are important to me might not matter to you. I suspect he would find my offer somewhat insulting if he’s starting at $27k.

For that money I would expect a near perfect vehicle. Local show winner quality.

My guess is Al Bundy is right. He’s so far above market, a fair offer would be an insult. Rare does not equal valuable.

This might help and keep in mind that Hagerty tends to overvalue and the way they rate vehicles from the pics might be a #3 condition but that’s if it looks much better in person and runs perfect. Blows cold A/C fresh brakes/shocks and needs nothing mechanically.

For comparison, here’s one that sold at Barrett Jackson last year and they normally get full market due to all the TV coverage. Sold for $33K and was a S code.

Aside from Eliminators, ultra low mile cars GT-Es and 428 and such still a buyers market. IMO You could do much better for that price.

If you’re in love with the car and the owner really thinks it’s worth that much, find a local classic car appraiser and pay the $200-$300 for a proper inspection/valuation. My guess low teens but an in person expert would be the proper way to get a good value and could save you an expensive mistake. Or could make you feel good about what you get. But no way this forum is going to be able to give you more that ballpark which this one looks like its in way left field.

Good luck!

In the top engine picture the heater hose from the intake manifold is sent back to the water pump, leaky heater core? The hot water valve for the A/C is missing from the firewall, the two screws are there. Aftermarket radio.

To give you a visual benchmark, my old 67 XR-7 GT last sold for $27K (about a year ago, or so). During my ownership, it won a class first place at the 2011 Cougar Nationals East, a class 3rd place at the 2015 Cougar Nationals East, and a celebrity pick award at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle (among others). You can see from the Marti Report below that it is a very well-optioned car.

My inclination is to put the X-code, based on the picture shown, somewhere in the teens.

Thank you guys for your replies. I’ve got a better read on the car now.

I have to agree. The price they are asking is a very nice complete restored car.

I would have to say a price 20k and below is more in line with what it is. 20k would be a stretch even. It does look like a solid car but very overpriced IMO and he didnt even vacuum out the driver floor board!! :confused:

I know haha. Presentation is key.

I agree with the opinions others have stated, probably in the high teens given the apparent condition. It looks like it needs a fair bit of work to be “show quality”. In its current form it could be a nice driver, but that’s about what it’s worth.