Newbie with a cougar 1967

Hi everyone! I just bought my first Cougar 1967. I want to give it back the love she deserves, by replacing the old bucket seats covers (light blue ones). Beside ordering from WCCC (for the ole thing), car i just buy 2 new bucket seats covers from another website? Ive searched tru ebay, some other website, but got referred to mustangs…not entirely adequate!:man_shrugging:t2: Thanks in advance!

Honestly from what I can see that doesn’t look too bad. A good upholstery shop could fix that drivers seat and you’re good to go.

My drivers seat looked just like that. I got a yard of fabric from SMS Auto Fabrics - The Largest Selection of Classic Auto Interiors and found someone who does mobile upholstery repair. He goes from dealer to dealer doing small repairs and panel changes on used cars to increase the value. Total cost was under $200 and other than a slight color difference due to sun fading it looks just right.

From the pics your interior color looks to be “aqua”. Also there are three trim levels for Cougar interiors- standard, decore, and XR7. Your seats are decore. As the others have said a seat repair is probably lowest cost option-finding material might be an issue based on supply chain issues. Mustang interiors different so limited options for Cougar interior replacements. Welcome to the site.