No Buck Tag for my '69?

I didn’t find a buck tag on my '69 XR7 R code, thinking it was just missing, I tried to order one through Marti, but they say a buck tag was not applicable to my VIN. Interesting, were there no buck tags on '69 Cougars? Or is mine, a San Jose built one, somehow different?

I don’t know about San Jose but yes, there were buck tags on '69’s.

From The Mustang and Cougar Tagbook:
“San Jose
Contrary to what has been written almost everywhere, there were buck tags used at the San Jose plant. They started to be used in late model year 1969 production.”

But… Cougar production at San Jose ended early in the '69 model year.

Yes, and mine was a very early car, September 16, 1968.

Yeah, no body buck tags have been found on San Jose built Cougars that I know of. Even 1968 Cougars.

Looks like November 1968 was the last of the San Jose-built Cougars. So, Kevin Marti’s statement only applies to Mustangs.
Thanks for the education guys!

Huh! Very interesting!