Nodular center section and 31 spline axle

Looking for a nodular center section and 31 spline axles.

Thanks Scott

Where are you located? Date important?

Located in Denver Colorado.
Would prefer early 68 date code, but I will take what ever I can get .

April 24 dated cases rebuilt are selling for $3500

Rearend 3.91 Traction-Lok (
I saw this on the Boss forum this morning.

Early cars (pre-1970) did not typically have the “N” cast on the outside of the case. However, it was usually on the inside the case and on one or both caps.

Scott I have a 31 spline complete, (housing, 31 spline axles and brake backing plates. It has a center section of “9A22”

Vic, I believe all nodular 9" center sections before 8K22 had no N on the outside all after that date did have the N cast on the outside. N cases original to a 68 Cougar or any Ford are very hard to find and among the highest priced in the Ford restoration hobby.

Bill - the picture you posted is a non-double ribbed case. All the “N” cases I’ve seen had double vertical ribs.