Non Console Radio Bezel

I’m looking for a non console radio bezel that will accept a DIN unit.
Will this work?

I guess that is the same as the one I bought a few years ago for my XR7-G and that I never used. It is made of ugly plastic that does not look like chrome at all and is totally garbage quality and fits like the manufacturer never ever saw a Cougar or Mustang. If you really want to use one you can have mine for free if you pay for shipping. I have tried to sell it for years, but when people see how bad it is they don’t want it. A fair warning, it is in Norway.
I ended up using a good reproduction for the original radio in real metal and filed out the hole to fit DIN size. It looks much better and works better too.

That would be correct but make sure its metal, the plastic ones are terrible as mentioned. I to ended up using an extra original I had to modify. Worked great and fits as it should.

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I marked out mine and started to cut it since it’s not in great shape anyway.
I was hoping to not have to continue, I can’t seem to find my dremel

Forgot to give the update on this. I end up buying another Dremel and finishing the cut.
The bezel isn’t the best but it is what it is. Yes, it isn’t “factory” but if I was going to do that I’d have to replace the bezel anyway as it had a piece broken off.

Once I am able to turn to the audio portion of this project I’ll give you a photo of the finished product.

Before dremeling or any other cutting on a good one, I’d contact Don at WCCC! He sees lots of these come through that are already mauled and ready for DIN.

It was already a lost cause so if I go back I’ll buy a new one.

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