NOS 67 68 SB Mufflers

I’ve been doing some cleaning out of my parts storage and came across these NOS mufflers in the Ford box. I believe these are the single exhausts mufflers for the 67 68 small block Cougars. Part # D0ZZ-5230-M on box and D0ZJ-5230-M stamped on muffler. If anyone knows muffler part numbers let me know. I know Ford did some remembering of parts around this time. These are for sale if any one is interested. Have photos. Thanks.

They are both 1970 mufflers. D0ZZ and DOZJ ARE Mustang. Not sure of application as I am not at home to look them up.

From the Ford Master Service Parts Catalog these are service parts from a 1970 replacement part simplification (hence the D0ZZ prefix) that seem to be a consolidation of C7ZZ-5230-A, -C, & -F mufflers. Not clear what this means besides they are for some 1967 Mustangs/Cougars. I couldn’t tell what engines or what other model years they match from catalog text searches. Inlet and outlet sizes and overall length may help.

Some further looking through the parts catalog shows these fitting '67 Mustangs with 289 2B & 4B w/ single exhausts. The Ford catalog does not list Cougar’s so you have to know when they are the same.
This catalog is useful but the text searches of the scanned document don’t pickup all the matches.

Doing a google search I found this on the D0ZZ-M unit.
I did ot find anything on the D0ZJ-M unit, but there were several items on D0ZJ-a, -B and -C.

I have noted many Cougar mufflers and there embossed numbers will have a “W” in the 3rd location. IE D2WF-5230-A

The link you posted looks exactly like the mufflers I have. Around late 69 and early 70 Ford did a big parts number change on mufflers across the board. Can be very confusing. If anyone is interested is them I’ll make them a deal.

D0ZZ and D0ZJ are equivalent. The fourth characters Z and J are both service part designations. The third character Z is for a Mustang part that could also be used on a Cougar. The third character as a W would be for parts unique to Cougars.