NOS '68 XR-7 Wheel covers you don't see these every day

John Bauman seems to be digging out some of his stash of NOS parts and putting them on Cougar Swap Meet.

I don’t think I have seen a set of these in NOS condition before. These look pretty sharp to me. When every one else is putting styled steel wheels or after market wheels on, this could mnake a statement.

The statement would be “I have way too much money to spend on hubcaps.” :laughing:

I can just imagine getting home from the cruise in and realizing one of those babies popped off the rim on the way home. :puke:

If he gets his asking price I may be forced to put mine up for sale :whistle:

Are those NOS?

No, OE.

I’m just messing around, they’re about the only part on my 69 that doesn’t need to be restored.