Nose dive…..what can it be?

When i imported my 69 Vert to NZ, part of the process of compliance was to put it on a chassis alignment machine, and i’m pleased to say it was millimetre perfect.
How ever, a few years on now, i noticed the drivers side front has sunk a good inch or more, and conversely the passenger rear spring has risen by a similar amount ?
I find it strange that the suspension should change so much just sitting in the garage, having only traveled 554 miles in the last year !
Surely the coil spring cant fade that much or is the rear spring binding ?
Any ideas any one ?

I have not seen any coil spring ever lose its strength over time. More likely you have a frame problem, caused by rust.

No visible signs of rust in any structural part of the body ?.
In fact very little rust any were ?

Do all 4 corners freely bounce without binding?

Coil springs can break. If the spring has a pcv coating it can break inside without having a crack visible. A close inspection is needed.

Check your spring saddles on the front suspension, the rubber in them does give some extra ride height, but if the rubber collapses, the front will become lower on that side. Just A thought?

Check the rear leaf springs/suspension as well. If the left side rear lowers for some reason, the right front will rise and vice versa.

What do you have for rear shocks? I think I would remove the rear shock from the high side and see if the rear drops down as a start.

I have near new Bilstien shocks all round.

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