Not Sure If I Should Post This

I came across this on FB, please don’t hate on me if this is BS.

Marketplace - 1969 Mercury Cougar | Facebook

Advertised as a '69 Convert for 13K… Is this just how scams work these days? I am so far out of touch with my health issues I don’t know how things work out here anymore. But if it is legit, I would love for someone in the Oakland area check it out.

Texas plates, Pictures look more like Texas to me then Oakland CA. Wanting you to DM him your number seems odd to me. I just looked over his profile, he has been a Facebook member for a longtime and has pictures off this Cougar from well in to the past. I say proceed with caution.

Price seems in-line to me. You see a lot of these projects posted closer to $20k but they generally don’t sell.

Thanks for posting. It’s always interesting to see what these are selling for. Seller states that it is a Project. Pictures are from 2021.

If it was near me I would look at it.