November 2017 Ride of the Month Nominations are now open!

Please make an effort to let the nominees know they have been nominated and if possible make sure they are interested in participating.


This thread is where you will put nominations for the
November 2017 Ride of the Month!

All you need to do is to identify the car and the owner. A picture of the car would be helpful if you can locate one.

As a reminder, here is how it works:

You can nominate any Cougar, even your own. All nominations must be seconded.

We will nominate cars until the 27th of the month,
then vote from the 27th to the 1st of the following month, and announce the winner.

A new thread honoring the winner will go up just as quickly afterwards as possible. Then we start all over again.

The winning car will be pictured at the top of the Forums header for the month.

I’d like to nominate SSAVA’s 1967 XR-7.


I’ll second SSAVA’s car.

I hereby nominate Bill Leads’ 1968 Diamond Blue XR-7 with Dark Blue interior. Super nice car that we spruced up a little here at WCCC and Bill is the new owner. I don’t know if Bill is a member here yet but I’ll reach out to him.

I’ll 2nd Bill’s '68.

Another tough choice so far, good luck all.

Last chance for more nominations!

I nominate Gary’s 68 J code 4spd he just bought today in NV. 90k mile car with original paint with PDB, PS, Floor Console, rear defrost (dealer installed), 3:00 Limited Slip, Tilt-away, AM/FM, tinted glass, headrest, Styled wheels, door edge guards, heavy duty battery and heavy duty suspension.

Okay I will second Gary’s car and set up the voting!