NPD Cougar parts catalog coming soon!

I don’t know about all of you guys but I can spend hours reading parts catalogs. Must have something to do with the hours I spent looking at the Sears catalog as a kid… and yes I looked at more then the women’s foundations pages… LOL!

Anyway, I was talking to Scott Halseth at National Parts Depot this morning and NPD is mailing out the new Cougar Parts catalog on November 27th! New material for the reading room!


mailing out the new Cougar Parts catalog on November 27th!

Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to getting a catalog. I have been happy with NPD parts and customer service (except I have to pay the 7.25% sales tax here in NC).

How do you get on the mailing list for the new NPD Cougar catalog?

Thank you for the link. I just filled out the request form.

Good news, i’ll be waiting for mine in the mail. Ive never had an issue dealing with NPD. Wonder if any members cats will be pictured in the catalog like they have in their mustang catalog :smoke:

The Cougar catalog is in the mail!

Let me introduce myself. I am the Ford Product Manager at National Parts Depot and I developed and administer the Cougar program along with classic Mustang, Bronco, Thunderbird and all Ford Pickup trucks. I certainly hope you all take the opportunity to request a copy. You can do so by calling any warehouse or online at

This program is the fastest we have ever gone from concept to catalog. It is not perfect but I will continually make edits and adjustments as I find them. The catalog itself has most of the Cougar specific parts you have all seen already. You will also find parts that have never been offered before. Part of developing the Cougar program included developing parts that no one else has produced (and maybe a part or two that were but I didn’t know about at the time!)
-Of specific note are 67-68 Cougar specific seat risers in the correct height. They are a good repro but not absolutely perfect.
-1970 specific hood springs with manganese phosphate coating.
-1967-68 head light door springs in Inconel. Yeah someone else is making them. I didn’t know whom at the time but I have a great OE spring supplier and they made them to original specs at a price that is about half the current price.
-Unique 1967 & 1968 front fender rubber splash shield kits. These are made from the correct masticated rubber. We have been making them for Mustang for more than 30 years and it seemed like a natural to do them for Cougar. There is a mistake on these in the printed catalog that was corrected in the online version. Sorry.
-We worked with one of our suppliers to bring out a selection of vinyl tops that use a material grain that is nearly identical to the original. We had them make these BEFORE they made patterns for the Mustang! A version was also made with the A-pillar strip integral to the top as was original on the early cars.

These are what I have ready at the moment. More parts are in the works from us as well as other suppliers I have talked into making more parts to fit the Cougar. Some of these are already starting to show up in the marketplace. In developing this program I had the opportunity to talk with many Cougar owners at the shows I visited this year. I have heard of a lot of good parts ideas and we are looking into many of them already (some of them are quite large). I cannot make any promises but our intention is to do what we can to bolster the availability of products to you. We have had discussions with our suppliers and manufacturers and we have gotten very positive interest in working towards that end.

As the point man on this program it is my intention to monitor this Forum as often as I can. I will answer when I can but I will not profess myself to be an expert in everything. I do have an opinion though! I will do my best to help out where and when I can but if you really want a response it is usually better to contact me through our customer feedback portal on the website. These are read daily by the owner and filtered through to those in the company that are best able to handle the topic or issue.

Because of the short lead time and ever tightening schedule I was not able to get on this Forum earlier and ask customers to send photos of their cars as I have done for other catalogs. I invite you to send me your photos for possible use in the next edition of the catalog.

This program is a DIRECT result of customers like yourselves providing feedback and information. It is my sincerest hope that we do not disappoint you and that we can provide to you the parts you need for your restoration and that we can help Make Your Dream Happen.
Highest Regards,

Welcome Scott and NPD! I will looking for my copy of the catalog. I think the folks on here will jump in when the catalogs arrive and help you with editing.

This sounds great. I look forward to receiving my copy of the Cougar catalog.

Welcome to the forum Scott, glad you and NPD are entering the cougar world :beerchug: I preordered my catalog months ago when I saw it posted on your website as I was looking forward to something else.
I will say in my past experience everyone I have dealt with at NPD had been nothing but courteous, pleasant, and professional in every sense of the word.
I see you mention 67-70 cougars in your comments but nothing about 71-73, I’m sure this was just an oversight as even tho we are lower in numbers nobody would intentionally count out the phat cat crowd :poke: And I will take you up on your offer to email a picture of my cougar for a possible appearance in the next catalog.
Again, welcome to the forum and thanks for stepping into the cougar world :smoke:

It wasn’t an over sight. It’s just economics. I have to start somewhere and numbers recoup the costs faster.
BUT what I did not mention is that along the way we tripped over pallets of NOS Cougar parts along with some used stuff that were offered to us. The majority of the NOS parts are for 71-73 so while I haven’t looked into making any 71-73 specific parts we do have an assortment of NOS stock you can peruse. Quite a bit of exterior trim and some moldings. Give us some time. I keep my eyes and ears open to needs and wants.

Sounds like a typical high quality NPD service! For those of you who haven’t used NPD, they have one of the best customer service and never run out of stock so there are never any back-orders.
Welcome to the Cougar community, Scott!

Nice! Can’t wait for my catalog (I also pre-ordered it).

Just ordered mine. Looking forward to browsing through it.

Can’t wait to get mine here in Oz

Hey Scott - can you do some 69/70 convertible A pillar weatherstrip in a nice soft rubber like the originals. I’m getting tired of slamming the doors because of the density of the current repro

Another neat service that NPD does is sponsor Jeff ford and his fix it videos simuliar to WCCC. If you get on Jeff Ford mail list ( he e-mails links to their utube videos when they come out. Mostly Mustang but a lot applies to Cougars. Maybe with a Cougar catalog we’ll see NPD push for some Cougar specific videos :poke:

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Awesome!! Will be going to get my catalog as well as one for my p/up. Welcome aboard.

Got mine in the mail today, super cool :beerchug: Hope I don’t find too many things I want :smoke:

Got mine today. Can’t get my nose out of it there is so much good stuff. My list for Santa just got a lot longer!!