October 2014 Ride of the Month Nominations are now OPEN!

This thread is where you will put nominations for

October 2014 Ride of the Month!

All you need to do is to identify the car and the owner. A picture of the car would be helpful if you can locate one.

As a reminder, here is how it works:

You can nominate any Cougar, even your own. All nominations must be seconded.

We will nominate cars until the 25th of the month,
then vote from the 25th to the 1st of the following month, and announce the winner.

A new thread honoring the winner will go up just as quickly afterwards as possible. Then we start all over again.

The winning car will be pictured at the top of the Forums header for the month.

The CCC.COM Ride of the Month is officially sponsored by:
West Coast Classic Cougar!
ROM Winners get:

Free Shipping on any order in the 48 states or a huge shipping discount on shipping any where else in the world.

A genuine WCCC Tee Shirt

A genuine WCCC Hat

Anything else Don feels like tossing into the box for free. (like packing peanuts or air? LOL!)

I’ll nominate Mistress’s 71 vert even tho he won’t need the free shipping on parts if he wins :laughing: :smoke:

I’ll second Mistress’s 71 vert

That’s a purrty Cat.

I’d like to nominate 68RcodeGT. Its a good looking cat.


I’ll second 68RcodeGT.

Wow…that’s probably the sharpest 1-2-3 I’ve seen. Nice car.

I’ll nominate CougaDan70 and his beautiful 70 vert!

I’ll second the CougaDan70’ convertible.

sexy and third’d

Me four….

Last call for nominations!