Oil and brake light on on dash when battery is hooked up, key off

What would make oil and brake lights on dash be on when power is supplied, key off?

Key off? Maybe a bad ignition switch, or it’s not actually ‘off’? If you’re on ‘run’ without the car being running, you’ll see the oil and amp lights come on. Brake though?

Maybe you have a short in your wiring? Not sure here!

pinched wires grounding them out somewhere?

No key in ignition. Hook up battery and they are on. The car is my 12 yr project, almost road ready. The lights where not on two weeks ago when i fired it up​:thinking::thinking:

Time to get out the multitester.

And i suck at electrical🤦‍♂️

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I think that will happen when the contacts stick in the original voltage regulators from 65-73 if you have the coil and points type regulator. Unplug the regulator an see if that does it. If it does get rid of the old style regulator and put the solid state (electronic) type in. They are about 1/2 the height of the old point style.
I’ve had two of the original style for concourse show and I think they must get the cheapest import units and put a nice silk screen original printing on them. They both stuck and boiled the battery. If you are not familiar with what happens it’s like you get to re-detail everything under the hood because it gets battery acid sprayed on everything from the fan blowing it all over. It does a real job on chrome also.
Rockauto has them for $5 - 25 dollars. I haven’t heard of a electronic sticking. The local parts stores have them too for a little more.
Too soon old, too late smart.

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Points are gone and has been upgraded to electronic ignition. Do i need to upgrade the regulator too?

PopsOtto is talking about the voltage regulator, not the ignition points. There is a switch inside the original regulator that acts like a set of points.

Ok, 10-4 But do i need to upgrade the V regulator cuz i changed to electronic ign?

The ignition and the voltage regulator are unrelated. You should get an electronic voltage regulator because they are more reliable and probably cheaper than the original kind.

Thank you for the info. My 68’ has been a 12 yr project. I wanna get it on the road asap, but i want everything to be💯