Oil Pan Gasket Leak

Have a 1970 Mercury Cougar 351C I have had it for 34 years 10 thousand miles on rebuilt motor it been leaking from driver side by the first two front bolts on the pan under the oil filter. I have change this gasket 7 times still leaking same place no were else .Took it to my mechanic he look at it and said it need it a rubber gasket and it was not leaking from inside the motor .I purchase a felt gasket #1811 i have not found a rubber gasket for the cleavland .I thinking the block may be warp were it mate with the pan any suggestion would help

2 ideas. Pan is bad/ warped. Replace w/ new repop & felpro gasket set.

maybe oil is leaking from filter assembly down to pan?

oopsI bought a new pan and new gasket on the 3 try maybe a bad oil pump gasket .

it dry around the filter when the car running i can see it leaking from the side of the pan by the bolts

What kind of pan is it.

So, not a FE, sorry about that. The suspect area is the fuel pump. the pan should not be the issue IF you have checked it for latness. Once pan is out, put a flat edge on it, a long one. Check that area for bent edge, raised bolt holes, defects.

put flat edge on fuel pump to see if it bent

put flat edge on fuel pump to see if it bent

Is it a Ford oil pan

it for a 351c i bought one before in 2016 when i had the motor put in

Painted or chrome

You could go Japanese and just use Grey rtv instead of a gasket.

My Mitsubishi 4G64 did not come from the factory with a gasket. No leaks. Basically the same as a rubber gasket

it a after market

The cheap chrome oil pan that the PO installed on the Cleveland in my Cougar leaked constantly. After I pulled it to replace it I saw each of the bolt hole areas were nowhere near flat. It was like they were punched and the raised area projected towards the block mounting surface. The drain plug gasket was a hard plastic and never sealed well. I scrapped it and replaced it with a Kevko 7quart pan. I’ll report back with how it does once I get the car back on the road.

Ok Thanks