Oil pan r&r

Going to be replacing the oil pump tomorrow, figure would ask, any advice you would give??
1970 351M

You should not have a 351M in a 1970. It could be either a 351W or a 351C. What are the first 5 digits of the VIN? You will need to know what engine in order to get parts that fit.

Hi, it’s a 351c, M code
I know the basics, remove mount bolts, remove fan shroud bolts. Jack up motor, remove pan bolts.Doest it slid off from there?

I have not done this on a '70 351 but on a '68 with 390 I had to drop the steering and the tubular cross brace and it was still difficult to get the pan around the oil pump. I can’t recall for sure but I think I ended up unbolting the pump…

This is true for the 351C or W as well as a big block and any small block. BT/DT

So, what kind of time is involved in this job? Are you saying that you guys never got the pan out?

No I got it out but it was a bigger job than I had hoped. Part of that is working over your head and not being able to see very well.

So, how long am I going to be laying on my back tomorrow :sob:

Long enough to get a little cranky…

Does distributor have to come out when replacing the oil pump?

The distributor does not have to come out but when you unbolt the oil pump the distributor drive should drop out with the pump. the drive has a ring on top and sits in the top of the pump. If you let the pan hang down in front you can remove the oil pump and pickup, you can let it drop into the pan and it will give you more room to get the pan out. Check the drive out to make sure its not twisted and just make sure the hex is engaged in the bottom of the distributor as you tighten the oil pump back up. I dont remember lifting the engine but it was a 428 in a Mach 1. If i remember we took off the crossember under the engine and that was it. We may have turned the engine by hand to get the crank throws out of the way as we slid the pan by,

Thank you
I am just going to replace the “pencil shaft” $10
Do you recommend packing the pump with grease, or just prime with oil?

Ok, off to work I go,:oncoming_automobile::oncoming_automobile::oncoming_automobile: