Oil sending unit

The oil sending unit on the top of the block back
Does it just unscrew? Don’t want to break it off at the stem. Looks possible to break off at stem!
Chuck Clarke

On what year/ engine car?

1973 Cougar 351c 2bl

It’s 1/4" NPT. Simply unscrews.

There should be a hex block (7/16 or 1/2") at the top of the threads/bottom of the ‘bell’ to put a wrench on. Don’t try twisting it off using pliers on the bell.

Or if you have an idiot light it looks like this:

Thanks Royce. I guess I have XR7 on the brain - keep forgetting about the warning lights.

Thanks. Remember taking a exhaust manifold off and that LAST bolt sure was EASY— had to drill out and retap the block! Just looks like a cheap assembly
Chuck Clarke

Thanks. Looks like lean on your stomach to get the wrench on that nut! Was NOT going to use a vise grip!!
Chuck Clarke