One less Eliminator

I don’t have any info on the car other than remember seeing it for years sitting on top of a pile of crushed cars. It eventually got crushed and recycled. The car was a Competition Blue car. My dad seems to think that it was a Boss 302 car as well. The car was in Fellowsville, WV. This was back in the 90’s, but the car was there for years.


I have a story of 2 that went away. First one was in 1978 in Anchorage Alaska. It was a Competition Orange 69, White with Black appointments 428JC Automatic. I bought the hood scoop from it. I could have bought the full, but damaged car for $500.00 But I was on vacation and lived in Kirkland WA.
The second one was a Competition Orange with Black interior 69 Boss 302. It was in a wrecking yard in Everett WA. It was well stripped when I saw it. I don’t recall if I got any parts of of it. I wish I had known that the VINs would have been important. And I wish I could have gotten the CJ car from Alaska.

I know of (3) Eliminators that ended up in area wrecking yards near us: (1) 69 Boss Eliminator; Med Blue Metallic w/ Black interior & White Stripe that was in a Muncie, IN yard in the early 80’s. The, then-owner, of that Eliminator worked at a Shell gas station in Muncie. it was his daily driver, that he wrecked while street racing…lost control and put the Cat into a utility pole. Fortunately he was not injured. Also, (2) 70 Eliminators that were both Comp Yellow in Marion, IN yards. Both Cougars had severe wreck damage, and had been pretty well stripped out when I became aware of them. My interest in the Cougar hobby was just starting in the early 80’s. Looking back, it’s hard to imagine how many unique muscle cars were scrapped out and crushed.