One lost bracket 😮‍💨

Amazing what one, thin, metal “bracket” can do​:persevere::persevere:
I’ve lost the “connector with no name” but both times my girl refused to shift, I found it unhooked.
I’m thinking linkage as for the name but it’s that wrench looking item just above the pan with the two bolts about mid picture.
My model is an 87.
I stayed on the phone with West Coast only long enough to get this website name because at this point, I’m not even sure of this items exact name in order to have a phone convo in which you cannot conjure a mental image as well😆.
Help?!?!? Please!! Thank meow!!!

Google “Ford C4 shift lever.”

This assumes you have C4 transmission. Should give you some details about what you are looking for. Or perhaps AOD shift lever for a later model Cougar.

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Names : C clip, “sir clip” e clip, .
Other issue is the rod.
For automatics the bent rod is hollow for weight on kickdown, if I recall correctly.
That kinda looks like manual trans rod…

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Can’t even figure out how to reply on the forum :joy:

I don’t need anything but that piece (thin, metal approximately 3 1/2- 4 inches long) that connects onto two “rods” presumably which allows it to do everything else but reverse and drive. Found it dangling the first time I incurred shifting issues and it kind of just connected back on so I didn’t know there was something else, even a bolt to keep it on. Perhaps the built up oil and gunk🤣.

A couple of months ago, I put it back on then finally asked on a Facebook group what was up with it falling off (besides the :poop: roads of which Oklahoma City entails) and only then was a c clip mentioned and I still don’t know if THAT was the c clip or what.

Sorry for the length but in consideration of walking the side of the road looking for said part, would you happen to know, at highway speed in 4th, had it fallen out then would she have continued along fine unless and until I slowed and therefore gears dropped? After exiting the highway and then going to rebuild speed was otherwise the only way I knew it had come undone again and could possibly be within a mile from my place.