One piece Cougar grill?

What does everybody think about the one piece stainless grill for 67-68 from Wild Wes Paintworks? Already converted my XR7 to electric actuators, contemplating the Wild Wes one grill for my standard that is my street/strip car. SUPER on the fence, curious if anybody else had seen or used these and what they thought. Love how laser straight it makes the grill, but the flip up headlights are so classic. But then again, race car. You can also get them powdercoated totally black, or just the sides so the front still looks like bright work. Tried posting a pic but I guess there is a pretty restricted file size here, so here is a link:

How’s changing the headlights when they go bad? Not an issue for a strip car, but for the street?

Wild Wes Paintworks? I tried their website. My browser blocked anything from coming up. Set off all sorts of alarms. Will try again from a virtual machine in my DMZ. Any one have issues with this site?

IT is infected with URL-Blacklist

I think it looks tough! Anybody else see that he potentially has two PS signal lights? From what I have heard it cuts down your lighting efficiency more than one would guess.

On the race car I just cut up the stock grill and blacked it out.

On the black car it gives it look more a cat look. I like how you can change the grill and give your car an entirely different look. I might have to play with photoshop and see how mine would look with different accents.

Yes this is something alot of guys dont take in account. It will cut down on light output substantially. I had lights behind a grill once. kinda sucked to be honest.

I love the look. I’m pretty sure they are crazy expensive. I thought about them also when I redid my grille.

This is absolutely the most cost effective solution. My entire grill assembly is in great shape though, so I think I’d rather spend the $$$ then cut up a fifty year old piece still in good working order. If it had cracks I’d absolutely just go that route though.

Yup, its a pretty cool option. I was wondering how much that grill barrier, despite being cut out; would reduce the efficacy of the headlights. I’m thinking since I’ll be going with led’s the extra brightness over stock will make up for it. This particular one is a street/strip car so it won’t be driving during the winter or in rain, so I’m thinking I’ll be okay.

Thanks for the input everybody! I think I’ll bite the bullet on this come spring and report back.


As in, 30% light reduction?

This car had them and he went back to original, you should reach out to him.

Perfect. Just dropped him a line. Thanks, Don.

Hey Proeliator I replied to your last PM. Was wondering what year your car is. I am figuring your car is a 67 or 68 based on your interest in the Wild Wes grille which is for that year. The custom billet grille I have for sale is from my 69 so it won’t fit the 67/68 cars. Below is a link to the tread I did while returning the car to a stock grille so you can see what my custom grille looked like before (and after) I removed it. PM me or reply here if you need more info.