Only traffic ticket with my 1968 GTE

About 50 years ago this month I had Appendicitis and had to have my Appendix removed. We had just gotten married three months earlier and my wife didn’t have a Georgia driver’s license. After staying with me until late into the evening she had to drive my 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT-E 428 Cobra Jet from the hospital in Mid-town Atlanta to our apartment close by. It was the first time she had driven the car and even with the auto transmission she was very nervous about driving it. I may have said something about not doing any damage to my beloved car. So she drove very slowly home and an Atlanta Police Officer saw her driving about 25 mph late at night and stopped her. Since she did not have a Georgia driver’s license he gave her a ticket which was cancelled when she got her license before going to traffic court. So, the only traffic ticket either one of us every got in the two years I owned this very fast car was caused by driving too slow. I was very lucky and never got one for speeding which I did a lot (of course). :laughing:

Cool story. Thanks for sharing.