Oregon machine shop

Anybody know anything about this outfit? I’m being told it’s a machine shop but online all I can find is it listed as a Napa Auto Parts. Pretty close to WCCC so maybe someone up there knows them?

Davison Auto Parts
1655 James St, Woodburn, OR

Not sure on this outfit specifically but some Napa stores have extensive in-house machine shops. Call them and ask what machine services they provide.

The site says they have a machine shop.
But doesn’t say what they all do.

Thanks for the responses. I had no idea that Napa stores had machine shops. None of them near me have that service.

When I lived in Panama City, FL, the local NAPA machine shop was THE place to go for work: extremely high quality, better than anywhere else in town.

We had a couple NAPA stores.
One had a good machine shop.
Don’t remember if the machinist retired or passed away but when he was gone they ended up closing the store.

Ask Baust. - Brian. His son works there.

Yup tha’s where Zach is a machinist. Small world! The Woodburn shop is in the back section of the Napa Store. They do the machine work for a few of the local NAPAs (all owned by Davidson) and really one of the only shops still around the area. Craig the boss has been building race engines for decades there and is a very good machinist. He’s taught at the local Community College for years, and has a great reputation. All the local tractor guys and race guys go there, as do all of the run of the mill Nissans and Toyotas and especially many diesel truck engine builders/repairers.

He’s been there for about 3 years now. An FE 390 would be childs play at this point, whatever you’d need done. Zach does about 2/3 of all the work there, as Craig is slowly trying to retire and cut back hours. But they do a TON of work. Tell him Brian (it could be me or Silverton Ford, we’re both Brian :wink: ) sent you… :ylsuper:

Fantastic! Couldn’t ask for a higher recommendation. Thanks, all.