Original carpet?

Here we go!

Anyway to tell or see original carpet versus repro?

I’ll get some pics of mine tomorrow or Sunday.

Carpet is in good shape so I’m just curious!


Repop carpet has plastic backing.


Yes there are ways depending on when the reproduction/replacement carpet was made and by whom. Differences can be the edging, heel and toe pad (depending on the year) details, backing/jute and other details including markings on the back side. Guess your asking about carpet for a 67 as it will make a difference

I’m thinking repro?

Could be. The repro carpet was made as early as the late 1970’s. Another sign of repro carpet is a grommet around the low / high beam selector.

Unfortunately that picture does not show anything IMHO that would determine for sure if it were an original or early replacement. Backing is typical for any molded carpet and the jute backing is what was used on originals and replacements back in the 70-80’s at least. You would have to remove it out of the car and look for other details to further the investigation

As offered the presence of a dimmer trim ring would suggest that it was a replacement since originals did not use them and would only come in the box with the replacement carpet kit. Borrowed/copied from original GM carpet sets

There is no grommet around the high beam switch.

As it should be .