Outer Tie Rod Ends for Early Production 1970 Cougar

I have a 1970 cougar and tried to put new outer tie rods in it and the 1/2inch shaft or the tie rod is too large. Wondering if the 1968-1969 (non boss) vehicle 7/16th in shaft is correct. The threads on the adjusting sleeve seems to be the same regardless of the stud that attaches tie rod to the spindle hub. Anyone have any experience with this issue?

correct 70 spindles part # starts with DOW… earlier would be C8

I have a 70 Cougar that was assembled on Sept 9 1969, it has the DOZA casting numbers. You may have a Cougar that somebody added Disc brakes to. I’d just get tie rod ends that fit what you have.

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That’s the plan. I think i have 69 spindles. I had 69 upper control arms too.