Overhead console


I really love the idea of having a overhead console (like in the 67/68 Mustang) or overhead warning lights/map lights (67/68 Cougar) in my 1970 Cougar.

Has anyone installed a 67/68 Cougar overhead warning light assembly into a 1969/1970 Cougar?
Does it fit?

Does anyone have a picture of a installed overhead warning light assembly in a 67/68 Cougar? I was not able to find any with google.

Thank you!


Here is a picture of the overhead console in the Lime Frost XR7 G.

Hallo Steven,

thanks for the picture. Looks nice and looks like you could fit it into a 1970 Cougar too!

Anyone done that before?


I don’t think it would be a problem to do. The one thing to consider is the mounting bracket for whatever console you use. You will have to get the bracket and wiring behingd the headliner. One of the members here put a 67-68 Mustang overhead console in his Cougar so anything is possible when you have a plan. Here are some pictures of Joe’s Mustang console in his Cougar. It looks factory.