padded pinch weld moulding

Couple of questions on the padded pinchweld trim (windlace) One what color should it be for the décor interior? Is the darker color like what is in the padded inlays in the seats, doors, etc, or are they the lighter color of the interior? So I have the Lt Ivy gold décor interior with the dark green accents. So dark green, or Ivy. Second does anyone have any photos of how they fit coming down into the dash pad area? I went to fit mine into my car today (not the original set with my interior) started them in back by the quarter windows. The first bend lined up good with the roof line. Fit good across the top, and the second curve into the windshield pillar lined up and fit good. But they are about 3 in short from going down all the way to the dash pad area. I know they can shrink from the sun over time, or at least they mention that on WCCC, but with the curves lining up good, not sure what’s going on. Don’t want to stretch them by hanging a weight on them if there is something I am missing about the way they terminate at the dash pad. I do have one of my pad fillers that go on the windshield pillar. That is the light Ivy so I am assuming the pinchweld trim should be also. The set I got to replace my missing ones are black.