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Has anyone here used a Painless harness in their Cougar restoration? I’m struggling with the brake lights

That is not a good plan. You will never get the sequential turn signals to work. Have you used the troubleshooting guide here? Cougars Unlimited LLC Home Page

Thanks- I’ll be sure to come back after we figure it out👊

Is there a schematic for the Painless harness? Post that and then wire the car to match the schematic. The factory system is not easily compatible with aftermarket harnesses. You also need to tell us what year your car is as there are major differences between the years.

1969 base model-

That used the first generation solid state sequencer. It’s not really compatible with aftermarket harnesses. The 67 and 68 used an electromechanical sequencer that can be adapted.

The issue is that GM products use a single flasher that comes in front of the turn signal switch. It’s hot unless you activate the brakes. The output of the brake power switch can be used to open a relay or feed the brake lights through the second pole of the turn signal switch. The reason I mention GM is that is what they typically use because all of those tri five Chevys created the product category

When you post the schematic we can figure out what you have

Thank you

Interesting. What is the recommended harness available for purchase to rewire a 1969 XR-7? Our one has been butchered and I’d like to fix it once and forget it.

Contact midlife on the board here, hes the resident wiring expert and reconditions harnesses. He has ones for sale

If you must use an aftermarket harness on a 1969 Cougar, start with the Painless 1969-70 Mustang harness, #20122. It has color coded wires similar to the original setup. All other harnesses on the market use GM-color coded wires - which make your shop manual diagrams almost useless.

Then contact me for a diagram showing the three additional wires required to make your sequential turn signals work correctly.

Vic Yarberry
Cougars Unlimited LLC