Paint codes

Hoping to end up with this grey. Any chance someone might know the code?

It might be Sherffield Silver which was a 67 Cougar paint color (code 4). Or it’s a custom color in which case no way to tell unless you have the owners contact.|Cougar|Sheffield%20Silver

You could go to your local automotive paint store and look through paint chip books, they have hundreds of silver/grey paint chips and when you find one they will have a mix code for it.

I’ve got color charts for 68 and 70. The 68 Mercury chart does not have a grey. The 70 chart has a Light Grey Poly code L in 70. There are probably other Ford colors that were available. The posts above give some good guidance for alternates. The site is handy.

Of course you could special order any color that you wanted. If it was not a factory offering then the car received a 6 digit DSO and the door tag space for paint code would be blank.

Strongly reminds me of a paint option available on Mustangs circa 2008-09 called “Vapor Metallic.”


Think you might be close on that one.

I dig it, it’s a cross between silver and grey. Cool color