Painted aluminum intake with Ford Blue

My 1968 F Code 302 is currently under rebuild process. It already had this Edelbrock Performer 289 intake installed. I decided to paint it blue to get more stock look under the hood. First, I applied three layers 2K epoxy and then RAL 5002 2K blue shade. Before I painted it, I ground off the embossed ‘Edelbrock Performer 289’ text and removed the ‘Made in USA’ tab. As I get the whole engine painted and stock air cleaner assembly installed with Autolite 4100, it will look great, I think. I noted that the color is more dark in nature, this picture is somehow off and doesn’t represent actual color.

I did that on the 351W in my White 70 XR-7. But didn’t remove t he Edelbrock embossed lettering. With the stock air cleaner it is hard to see it on a 351W. I did put a lit of chrome on it though.

Your engine looks great! Stock air cleaner virtually covers intake manifold. That chrome air cleaner lid is similar setup used on 390s. I noticed that you have relocated coil on fender.

I think the paint will give you the look you are after and look very nice. Well done,

Nice undercover work! Nice way to keep a stock look but up the performance.

Thanks! I got inspiration for this paint work from Pure Stock and FAST class cars. I like the idea that modifications are hidden. As I get the engine together agan in the springtime, I post pics how it looks installed in engine bay.

The local paint shop mixed this colour up for me, Ford Engine Blue 70/-

close enough for me, and i painted the Edelbrock manifold aluminium .

Very nice engine! It looks completely restored.

Here is mine that I did 30 years ago.

I recently had my engine out to do a clean up while I’m in the process of getting the body ready to paint. Mine also came with an Edelbrock Performer that was looking pretty shabby. My original intention was to get a couple of Ford blue rattle cans from the auto parts store until I realized that my car’s body color (a darker version of Grabber Blue) is pretty close to the original engine color. Time will tell if 2K urethane is durable on an engine, but it looks good for now.

Your engine looks amazing! Very nice job, not only the engine but all in the under hood. I believe that 2K paint holds well, it is much more durable than base cheap rattle can paint. As I bought my paint from professional paint shop, they recommend to use 2K paint on engine parts.

On my 351c i removed all the letters and numbers as well off my aluminum Edelbrock intake. But i went a different route and had mine powder coated gloss black and the rest of the engine is the dark ford blue. Yours came out looking great!


Powder coating gives long lasting finish. About five years ago, my spare wheel and jack were powder coated and I think they will last like 40 years.