Painting or dyeing interior parts?

Remove them from your panel first(rear quarter trim comes off door panels do not). Then scrubbed several times with a brush and dawn dish soap. From there I used a sharp blade and cut all top layer off. This is the yellowing plastic layer thats lifting, remove the chrome layer which is like a foil tape. Remove all the loose pieces and scrub again. Once its dry paint to your desired color combo. I used a matte metallic silver for the outer trim and a gun metal grey for the basket weave. You might be able to use a chrome type pain to replicate the original but make sure you test it out first.

Keep in mind this wont satisfy original type guys but Im very happy how it tuned out overall. Its held up good too so I do think its a great alternative to save the parts you already have and give them new life.

Thanks, they look great; ; about to redo my panels and a third of the Mylar is already gone and the rest has yellowed

Thanks for the encouragement not as bad as I thought it would be

Looks great! Not too hard just a little tedious but worth it